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Stem technologies have firmly entered the industry of aesthetic medicine. Every day in the practice of cosmetologists new procedures that use the latest methods and techniques are emerging. The first Kintaro Beauty cosmetology salon in Hanoi managed by “Kintaro Cells Power” company works with its own unique system of rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment. The procedure is based on a stem cell product, specially created in a Japanese laboratory.

Kintaro Beauty

Stem Cells in Anti-Aging. Rejuvenation without surgery

Stem Cells in Anti-Aging. Rejuvenation without surgery

The induction of the stem cells into the skin of the face, neck, decollete and arms is now a real alternative to plastic surgery. It is no longer necessary to select an appropriate surgeon and medical center since our cosmetology salon can help you. Stem cells have become a revolutionary breakthrough not only in the treatment of diseases, but also in the elimination of many cosmetic defects.

Products based on the cellular medium

KINTARO ENRICHED MEDIUM is a medium in which stem cells are grown. Scientific research has shown that its biological potential is ideal for skin and hair regeneration processes. Thus we can divide the cellular environment into two types:

  • iKEM components for mesotherapy;
  • eKEM components for hardware cosmetology and home use.
Products based on the cellular medium

Treatments in Kintaro Beauty using eKEM cell products

Products based on eKEM activate the processes of rejuvenation of those parts of the skin or hair using various procedures. The serum acts best on the skin with the help of hardware procedures:

Classical injective mesotherapy with Kintaro cells (iKEM)

It is used to shape the contours of the face, to treat the ptosis (skin drooping). It has an effect due to a stimulation of metabolic processes and lymphatic drainage. The procedure is recommended for those aged 30 and above for prevention or treatment. It also works effectively with pigmentation and couperose mesh.

Non-invasive mesotherapy

This has the same effect as the injection therapy, but instead of injections the drug is carefully applied to the skin. The experts prefer this kind of treatment when working with hypersensitive and thin skin.

Phonophoresis with cellular medium

The combination of ultrasound and KEM cell products. It stimulates body's cellular metabolism, lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and as a consequence triggers the process of tissue renewal. The use of ultrasound in cosmetology practice is considered as one of the best conductors of active agents.

Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent is widely known in aesthetic medicine as a physiotherapeutic tool. Supplementing this procedure with the KINTARO ENRICHED MEDIUM product, it is possible to achieve the effect of complete restoration of different areas of the skin. This technique is particularly effective when applied to the area around the eyes.


This procedure helps the serum to enter the deep layers of the epidermis. The stimulated work of cells makes the skin produce its own collagen. The treatment ends with a natural result and has a long-lasting effect. After several procedures a clear Y-zone and contours of the face are formed.

Kintaro Beauty

The unique biocosmetic product eKEM is an enrichment medium for cosmetics

This cell product can be used at home for daily skin care of the face, neck and decollete. It’s impact has the same result as the products for professional work, but the application process is much easier.

The eKEM medium can be used separately as serum or it can be added to your favorite creams, masks and serums.

What kind of problems are treated in Kintaro Beauty?

The most common request among the clients of the beauty salon Kintaro Beauty is the treatment of ptosis (skin drooping). With age, the excess folds appear around the eyes, mouth and chin and require constant correction. In Kintaro Beauty salon mesotherapy and RF-lifting treatments are used for this.

We also pay great attention to the treatment of alopecia (baldness). The problem of hair loss concerns men and women around the world and our specialists have learned to treat this severe and non-aesthetic defect.

All the patients of Kintaro Beauty get an individual consultation with the subsequent preparation of the treatment program. Our certified doctors will select treatment plans according to the person’s needs and the type of his or her skin. We help each client to choose a program for self-correction at home.

What kind of problems are treated in Kintaro Beauty?