Stem cell technology is definitely the most dynamically developing field in medicine and science today. The 21st century has become exactly the right time for cell technology in medicine and biology. Medicine used to always treat tissues and organs, affecting them as a single whole, whilst modern technologies are able to change injured cells for new ones, affecting organs at the cellular level. According to WHO, 20-30% patients in clinics will get stem cells injections by 2025 already.

As your body naturally ages, the number and activity of stem cells decrease, and the general ability to regenerate gets worse too. As a result, people have “ageing-associated” diseases. A person aged 75 years old has 10 times less stem cells than when they were 25, so the ability to regenerate and resistance to external and internal hostile factors becomes 10 times weaker.

Purposes of stem cell-based therapies in aged patients:

  • To improve the quality of life and general well-being;
  • To minimize symptoms of the existing chronic diseases;
  • To stabilize ageing-associated diseases;
  • To prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease;
  • To improve the immune system and the ability to adapt;

Kintaro Cells mechanism in elderly patients:

  • KINTARO Cells™ find micro inflammations and injuries in your body, fix themselves there and produce more than 100 biologically active substances, boosting regeneration and capillary development.
  • Synthesis of hormones and biologically active substances significantly slows down with age. KINTARO Cells™ restore these processes, change damaged cells with new ones and build new capillaries, improving circulation of blood.

Principal applications of Kintaro Cells:

  • Cardiovascular system. Stabilizing blood pressure, improving vessel wall elasticity and blood rheological properties, new capillaries development, reducing risk of heart attack or cerebral accidents.
  • Brain. Improving cerebral blood circulation, preventing memory loss and disorders, harmonizing psychological state of mind, stabilizing sleep and cognitive functions.
  • Joints and spine. Increase bone density, stabilizing processes of joint and spine degeneration, improving flexibility and movement, ease from pains.
  • Kidneys. Improving kidney blood circulation.
  • Gastrointestinal tract. Improving liver and bowels function, improving digestion.
  • Endocrine secretion organs. Recovering circadian and adaptive hormone production.

Statistics and results

Kintaro Cells Power’s first-hand experience – 297 patients aged 70 years or older. The oldest patient is 98 years old from Japan;

Number Improvement Full recovery
All patients 297 261 (88%)
Cardiovascular diseases 214 156 (73%) 56 (26%)
Joint and back diseases 224 190 (85%) 114 (51%)
Cerebral hemorrhage 39 32 (81%) 14 (36%)
Digestion disorders 202 139 (69%) 54 (27%)
Insomnia 164 149 (91%) 102 (62%)


Reasons for Kintaro stem cell therapy: “Frequent pain in joints, constant fatigue and insomnia have been bothering me for the last several years. I thought it was normal for my age, and I had stopped doing exercises and put up with it. I decided to try Kintaro”.

Kintaro therapy: Kintaro Cells™ IV administration.

Result: “For a few days after the procedure I felt sleepy all the time but then something started to change. The pain in my joints and back stopped, my sleep routine improved a lot, and I could even go for a trip with long flights. I don’t feel my age any longer. I don’t get annoyed with small things anymore, I feel calmer and more confident”.

Reasons for Kintaro stem cell therapy: disc herniation combined with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. Pain in the lower back when bending or walking longer than 5 minutes.

Kintaro treatment: Kintaro™ IV administration and local injections, Kintaro taping, Kintaro gymnastics.

Result: the patient felt better the next day. The pain was gone, and she could easily bend down. A week later she was able to go for a 3 km walk without feeling any pain.

Reasons for Kintaro stem cell therapy: Ischemic stroke in 2015. Left leg paresis - lack of sensitivity and loss of voluntary movement. The patient was disabled and didn’t have a chance to recover due to his old age. The patient was having difficulties walking and attending himself.

Kintaro therapy: IV administration KINTARO CELLS™

Result: complete sensitivity recovery and partial left leg motion activity recovery within 2 months. Improved the quality of life and general well-being.

72% of procedures for patients aged 70 years and older were paid by their loving and caring children.

The gift of life is priceless. Show love and care to your nearest and dearest people - your parents.