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Assisted reproductive techniques KintaroFamily for future parents

The scientific and technological development in the field of assisted reproductive techniques offers brand new opportunities for solving modern family problems, such as infertility, erectile dysfunction and many others. We apply the most progressive, sophisticated and advanced methods and technologies of reproductive medicine that rule out the risk of embryo fertilization by genetic mutation carriers and allow to choose the baby’s gender. Methods of next generation sequencing and general body revitalization with the use of Kintaro cell technology, micromanipulation technology and prenatal genetic diagnostics provide a unique chance for parents-to-be to transmit the best combination of healthy genes to their future baby and choose the gender as well.

We offer our customers several perfectly balanced complex solutions on infertility and erectile dysfunction treatment, which allow us to deal with all possible problems in their various combinations. Each option is based on a genome-wide sequence analysis of the baby’s DNA with the opportunity to choose the gender and deliver a genetically healthy boy or girl.

All procedures, performed with patients and embryos, strictly conform to the Customer’s requirements and the most advanced concepts of safety and confidentiality.

Reproductive programs:

The suggested assisted reproductive technology offers a unique infertility treatment plan, which includes child seх selection. The procedure is performed with the use of an egg cell (oocyte) and a spermatozoid of the patients or donors. Various combinations are possible.

Assisted reproductive techniques KintaroFamily for future parents

How it happens: a man and a woman (a couple or cell donors) have to undergo a set of preliminary tests and laboratory studies to rule out any transmitted infectious diseases. As part of the preparation process before cell withdrawal a woman has to undergo an individual active hormonal ovulation stimulation course and a cell therapy course. After these procedures a high-skilled gynecologist performs an aspiration of mature follicles in the ovaries under accurate instrumental control in order to get the necessary amount of oocytes (egg cells). The seed material (sperm) is withdrawn from a man after 3-day abstinence. Then the laboratory experts select active spermatozoids without any morphological deviations under microscopic control by micromanipulation methods.

The process of ovum fertilization is performed in a specialized laboratory, completed with the most advanced equipment. The fertilized oocytes quickly develop into embryos, ready for implantation. Each embryo is undergoing a unique testing as part of a specialized prenatal genetic diagnostics and genome-wide sequence of DNA with determination of future mutation and the future baby’s sex.

Therefore, our expert embryologists have a unique opportunity to pick the best embryo from the large amount of fertilized cells, basing upon its genetics and sex, to guarantee the future baby’s health and choose the seх.

Our programs:

*-Additional procedures and tests, which are not included in the packages might be needed. Those procedures shall be paid separately.